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Whether you require a garden refurbishment, garden maintenance plan or complete garden overhaul, Brooke’s Blooms offers an on-site consultation that will answer all your questions about your specific project.

Design Consultation

If you are in need of a garden refurbishment, some new planting ideas or a complete garden renovation then this service is for you. Discarding the industry practice of working from a set collection of designs, Brooke’s Blooms begins each project with a blank canvas. Through a detailed on-site consultation process, Brooke’s Blooms will translate your individual taste and vision into a unique report which includes a hand drawn plan, planting and materials schedule as well as visual planting concepts that will transform your garden into the oasis you have dreamed of.

Horticulture Consultation

If you’re battling to get on top of your garden, Brooke’s Blooms can take the mystery out of how to best care for and help it flourish through an in-depth horticultural consultation.
You may require turf advice, disease and pest analysis, plant identification, a tree report or irrigation advice. An on-site Brooke’s Blooms horticultural consultation will allow you to gain deep insight into your garden as you are provided with on the spot horticultural advice, as well as a comprehensive report detailing any advice.


A garden design is the complete package, creating your dream garden from scratch. And evident in every one of Brooke’s Blooms garden design plans is that it has been designed with soul.

Taking into account the layout, environmental and climactic influences on each individual garden, Brooke’s Blooms design plan is initially drawn up on site, before being taken to the drawing board.

Clients are then presented with a detailed plan that provides information such as plant species, plant position, irrigation, garden bed layout, positioning of pathways, patios, decks finishes, surfaces and art sculptures.

Your garden design package will include a scaled format plan, planting and materials schedule, visual concepts for plants, materials, surfaces, finishes, garden art and sculpture.


With a dedicated team of qualified and skilled industry professionals, Brooke’s Blooms guarantees that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Brooke’s Blooms offers a complete range of softscape and hardscape landscaping services, including planting, turf establishment, irrigation and sculpture installation, the sourcing of feature trees, construction of raised garden beds and planter boxes, right up to paving, decking, construction of retaining walls and Bali huts. Whatever your needs and requirements, Brooke’s Blooms has got you covered.


Brooke’s Blooms offers a personalised maintenance service to small or large residential properties, commercial enterprises, rental properties, education and sporting facilities, cafes, restaurants and night clubs.

With a complete range of maintenance services tailored to suit your individual needs and supervised by the finest horticulturalists, your investment is sure to grow.

Maintenance services include pruning trees, citrus and roses, shaping hedges, pest and disease control, weed control, lawn care and mowing, fertilising, mulching garden beds, palm cleaning, small garden refurbishments, general yard and end of lease clean.


Sometimes it’s just a special piece that your garden is waiting for to make it come together and feel complete.

Brooke’s Blooms has a substantial network of local and national artists and access to a great variety of one-off pieces. Not only can Brooke’s Blooms assist you in sourcing that perfect piece, they will deliver it to your door and expertly place it in its location.


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