There is something about the smell of Jasmine in the air during Spring. It gets me thinking that summer is just around the corner and usually its when I crawl out of hibernation from winter and start to enjoy time outside.   It also starts me thinking about ways I can add some life or colour into my neglected out door areas that have not really been touched at all since last Autumn. As the silly season fast approaches no doubt I will be entertaining family and friends and I want to make the place look bright and colourful.


So where do you start what do you do. I’m going to give my space a quick tidy and dust everything off and then I’m going to focus on a couple of key pieces just to make it easy I’m going to go for something bold and simple because lets face it who has the time to re paint an entire area.

So what will I add? Well there are loads of simple affordable ideas in loads of different shapes sizes and colours to choose from.

Think Umbrellas, Beanbags, New Cushions, Rugs, Feature Chairs or a Hanging chair.

Daydreamer_multi_1a blooming-day-beanbag-504214 BBU_kaleidoscope_2a

One of these key items could be all your space needs to lift it to that next level.

Don’t be frightened of colour you really can’t go wrong. Colours make us happy so what ever you choose be confident in your decision. This summer the trend is BIG/BOLD & BRIGHT so make it stand out.